About me


Today almost everyone seems to be in a hurry. Whatever we do or is required from us has to be done quickly, or otherwise we think we might be loosing an opportunity for more, for something new or different…it seems to me that we are on a fast track of loosing the ability to simply enjoy from what surrounds us

There is something deeply satisfying in observing without any rush and to feel or perceive sensations that are transmitted from what we are seeing.
I aim to induce with my images the perceptions and emotions of what made me take the shot and invite you, the viewer, to observe without any rush, allowing yourself to see everything and enjoy.

I am a motivated and tireless traveler and have traveled from a very young age to a multitude of countries, guarding in my camera and in my heart instants of lost or hidden places, emotions of  adventures and cultures of other lands.  My unconditional love for archeology, nature, culture, open and infinite spaces continuously draw me to explore for more.

My professional career has been very varied in many ways. I’m curious about new technologies, ancient history, far eastern medical and spiritual traditions and I have a continuous thirst in learning new languages helping me to immerse truly into a country’s culture. I love photography because it allows me to perform independent works, and above all, to travel. I also design catalogs or do product photography, architectural photography, travel reports and documentaries, leaving still enough time to pass on to whoever want’s to learn, the rich and ancient far eastern culture and philosophy by teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong. 



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